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Super Weekend in Malta - Qualify in Abril


One awesome location, one super experience. That is what players can win when qualifying for the Super Weekend Malta at Betsafe Poker over the next few weeks. The SuperWeekend will be held from May 7th to May 11th in Malta and awarding packages for this prestigious event - so mark your calendars.

The Super Weekend Malta package will consist of a €500 Main Event buy-in, €600 in hotel accommodation, €300 in travel expenses, exclusive player parties and day time adventures and activities.

Players can qualify on Poker Red in one of the following ways:

  • Weekly Finals: €200+€15, Tuesdays and Sundays @ 19:30 CET. Prize on Tuesday is a 3 x €1,400 Package GT and on Sunday six €1,400 Packages will be awarded
  • Daily Final: €25+€2.50, daily at 19:30 CET. Prize is 1 seat to the weekly final
  • Daily Qualifiers: €3+€0.30, multiple times per day, Prize is one guaranteed seat to the daily final

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New players can take advantage of a sign-up bonus of 200% up to €1000. As an exclusive, you can also take part in a €10,000 monthly rake race that pays up to €1275. You can also request a VIP upgrade by contacting Betsafe support.

Exclusive! Earn até $1,000 in Tournament Tickets


No fooling! During the month of April YOU are eligible to take advantage of a special promotion at BWIN and Party Poker exclusively available through MaisEV. Earn Points through the month and move up the ladder and earn up to $1,000 in tournament tickets.

Earning Tournament Dollars

To enroll in this promotion, you must contact us to opt in to the promotion. Please be sure to provide your account name. You may opt in any time during the month to be eligible!

Your tournament tickets you earn during the month will be dependent upon the number of points earned, with the more points you earn, the higher the payout per the chart below.

Party and BWIN Payout Structure
LevelPointsTourney Dollars

You may follow your progress on the Party Poker and BWIN promotion page.

Follow your position on the leaderboard here: Points Race Leaderboard Info.

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If you are not currently a member, you may sign-up at bwin or Party Poker to participate. Players who sign-up through MaisEV may also take advantage of a 100% up to $500 sign-up bonus as well as a VIP program that awards up to 30% cashback.

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PKR Rakeback Increasing to 32%


Effective March 1st, PKR players have the opportunity to increase the amount of rakeback they earn. Players who rake $450 or more will now receive 32% in rakeback. Players who don't meet the $450 threshold will see less rakeback paid to their account each month. The change affects new and existing players.

The breakdown of the new rakeback scheme is as follows:

Monthly Rake AmountRakeback
$0 - $24.990%
$25 - $149.9910%
$150 - $449.9920%

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In addition to rakeback up to 32%, players will be able to take advantage of a 100% up to $150 sign-up bonus when joining PKR.

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Join Our €10,000 Race Betsafe on Microgaming


Betsafe is giving you even more reason to play at Poker Black this month! Poker Black, Betsafe's name for their client on the Microgaming Network, is now offering MaisEV players an exclusive €10,000 race, available to new and existing members who sign up through this website.

First place in this leaderboard will award a generous €1,275, while the remaining 49 players on the leaderboard will receive prizes ranging from €85 up to €955. You can view the full leaderboard here.

If you would like a VIP upgrade on Betsafe, please contact us.

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In addition to all these exclusive perks, players can choose a sign-up bonus from €25 to €1000. You will also receive a welcome €500 freeroll ticket just for joining.

Points Race Increases to $10,000 at BWIN and Party Poker


For the last two months, we have offered an exclusive race at BWIN and Party Poker. Now during January, the promotion gets even better with a 10x increase in the prize pool of this popular race.

Points Race Prizes

You can now win up to $1,800 in tournament dollar dollars by being one of the top 270 points earners during the month.

Party Poker/BWIN Promotion Prizes
Rank/Players% PayoutPrize (T$'s)
118.00%$ 1,800.00
29.75%$ 975.00
35.80%$ 580.00
44.70%$ 470.00
53.70%$ 370.00
62.70%$ 270.00
71.80%$ 180.00
81.30%$ 130.00
90.95%$ 95.00
100.80%$ 80.00
11-130.70%$ 70.00
14-170.60%$ 60.00
18-200.50%$ 50.00
21-300.40%$ 40.00
31-400.30%$ 30.00
41-500.25%$ 25.00
51-600.23%$ 23.00
61-800.21%$ 21.00
81-1000.19%$ 19.00
101-1500.17%$ 17.00
151-2000.15%$ 15.00
201-2500.13%$ 13.00
251-2700.11%$ 11.00

View the Leaderboard

Follow your position on the leaderboard here: Points Race Leaderboard Info.

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If you aren't current a bwin or Party Poker player? Sign-up today through MaisEV to take advantage of a 100% up to $500 sign-up bonus as well as a VIP program that awards up to 30% cashback.

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Party Poker and BWIN Extend $1,000 Exclusive Race


Our exclusive race was such a success, we are bringing it back!. During December, you can follow your position on the BWIN and Party $1,000 Points Race for your chance to win up to $230 in tournament dollars.

This promotion is not available anywhere else, so make sure you grind on Party Poker or BWIN through MaisEV. New and existing players will be eligible. The leaderboard will pay the top 40 points earners with their prizes by the 15th of January. November winners will be paid by December 15th.

Follow your position on the leaderboard here: Points Race Leaderboard Info.

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Not currently a bwin or Party Poker player? Sign-up today to take advantage of a 100% up to $500 sign-up bonus as well as a VIP program that awards up to 30% cashback.

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Red Kings Ups Exclusive Rake Race Prize Pool


Been climbing the Red Kings leaderboard? You now have even more reason to be excited. Beginning in November, MaisEV is increasing the prize pool to $12,000 for November, up from $10,000 last month. This top Ongame room will now pay you up to $1,000 based on your position on the leaderboard.

For full information on this promotion, see our Red Kings leaderboard page.

Sign-up today at RedKings

When you sign-up to RedKings, you will a receive a sign-up bonus up to $2,500 and a VIP program, tens of thousands of dollars in monthly promotions. Be sure to check out the options on a mobile device, which include options for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Sign-Up today at Red Kings!.

New Party Poker and BWIN Exclusive $1,000 Points Race


You've asked and we have delivered! For the month of November, MaisEV is pleased to announce that we have added a brand new exclusive promotion for Party Poker and BWIN in the form of a $1,000 Points Race.

The concept is simple: The top point 40 earners will receive cash prizes based on their position on the leaderboard at the end of the month. The rewards available for this promotions of course are in addition to all the regular perks available at both rooms.

Leaderboard info will be available here.

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Not currently a bwin or Party Poker member? Sign-up today to take advantage of a 100% up to $500 sign-up bonus as well as a VIP program that awards up to 30% cashback.

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BWIN Achievement Perks


With a major Party Poker software upgrade last month, BWIN players may feel a bit left out. THe good news is BWIN players can also take part in "Achievements" this month by accomplishing a variety of goals. Some of them are easy to hit, while others are more difficult. Do you have what it takes?

BWIN Achievements

The following is a list of Achievements available to BWIN players for a limited time.

BWIN Achievements
Win a hand at showdown with a pairEntry to $500 Daily Giveaway
Best Friends Forever
Become friends with 1 other playerEntry to $500 Daily Giveaway
Winning Ducks
Win a hand at showdown with 2-2 as your starting handEntry to $1,000 Daily Giveaway
Get dealt A-A as your starting handEntry to $1,000 Daily Giveaway
Get dealt J-J as your starting handEntry to $2,000 Giveaway
Poker Player
Play a hand on 2 consecutive daysEntry to $2,000 Giveaway
Sit & Go Starter
Play 1 Sit & Go TournamentEntry to $2,500 Weekly Giveaway
Get dealt K-K as your starting handEntry to $2,500 Weekly Giveaway
Win a hand at showdown with a flushEntry to $2,500 Weekly Giveaway
Become friends with 5 other playersEntry to $10,000 Giveaway
Eliminate an opponent from a tournament or Sit & GoEntry to $10,000 Giveaway
Play 70 hands of pokerEntry to $10,000 Giveaway
Band of Brothers
Refer 5 friendsEntry to $10,000 Giveaway
Tournament Starter
Play 1 TournamentEntry to $30,000 Monthly Giveaway
Two's a Team
Refer 1 friendEntry to $30,000 Monthly Giveaway
Full Squad Assembled
Refer 10 friendsEntry to $30,000 Monthly Giveaway
Become friends with 10 other playersEntry to $30,000 Monthly Giveaway

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Sound good? Sign-up today through MaisEV and take advantage of a 100% up to $500 sign-up bonus, VIP program and many other perks.

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Party Poker New Software Launches


Party Poker on Thursday introduced their latest software release, their biggest software refresh in recent memory. Among other features, players will notice a brand new look and feel, tons of new features as well as a brand new user experience. Party Poker is calling the new software a "refreshed next generation online poker product."

Players can check out the new software on a Mac or PC download, as well as a non-download version via an internet browser. Players can also play a mobile version of the software on an Android or a new iOS based app.

Party Poker's New Software Features

Make no mistake about it: Party Poker's new software is among their biggest ever. As with any software launch, players usually see a variety of updates, enhancements and new features. What makes Party Poker's new software unique is its emphasis on the social and fun aspects of the game. It's these features that Party Poker feels will bring more recreational players to the game, improving the game quality for all players.

Highlights of the new Party Poker software include the following:

1-Click Lobby: Party Poker's new 1-Click Lobby allows you to join your favorite games with a click of the mouse. 1-Click can be fully customized using Filters and Favorites. If you love the classic look, you can continue to use that as well.

Missions: Looking to put the fun back in poker, Party Poker has introduced "Missions," which will give you targets to shoot for, challenging you to try new games and maybe even improve your game. A variety of different Missions will be offered to you, and if you accept and clear a Mission, special rewards will await you. Rewards and prizes will include cash, tournament tickets and bonuses.

Achievements: Party Poker's Achievements come in a variety of types including "Collectibles," "Milestones" and "Highlights" that show others your skill at the poker tables. As you earn Achievements, you will boost your Achievement score which will be displayed on your profile page, making it easier to show of your accomplishments.

Friends: Poker has always been a social game that is one reason why Party Poker is enhancing the poker room's social side by adding a Friends feature. Players will now be able to connect with existing friends and even find an make new ones.

Sign up to Party Poker

If you have been waiting to check out Party Poker, now is great time to give this top poker room a look. New players that sign-up through MaisEV will be eligible for a 100% up to $500 sign-up bonus in addition to a VIP program that awards up to 30% cashback.

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